Consignment Policy

Consignments are taken in on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. (You can call and speak to Ted to make special arrangements if you are unable to make it on these days).  Please confirm Ted is at the shop before heading in.

The charge for selling a firearm is $50.00, payable when sold.

Northeast Trading and the consignee of the firearm will decide on the minimum amount to be paid to the consignee for the firearm.

The consignee assumes the cost of Charge Cards if used as payment for the firearm, 2%).

Unless noted otherwise, Northeast Trading may accept deposits on consignment firearms and allow a short period of time for the buyer to pay off and pick up the firearm.

To find out the status of your firearm please call on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. (We are a very busy shop and it takes several minutes to look up and review the status of your firearm.)

You may also inquire by email @   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it            

(We will try to respond to emails within 48 hour)

If you decide to pick up your firearm, you must be properly licensed, fill out a Federal Form 4473 and pass a Federal NICS Background Check.  There is no charge for these services.

Northeast Trading endeavors to sell your firearm for a fair and reasonable price based on the Blue Book of Firearm Values, any wear and tear of the firearm and any special intrinsic value. Please be fair to us, we warranty the firearm to the new buyer, please let us know if the firearm is in need of any repairs so that we make them before the sale of your firearm.

Regulations Regarding Handgun Sales in Massachusetts

  • A firearm (handgun) must be on the State Approved Roster and authorized by the AG’s Office before we can sell a firearm in Massachusetts.
  • If the firearm is on the State Approved Roster but not authorized by the AG’s Office then, the firearm has to have been manufactured before the cut off date in 1998 before we can sell it.
  • If the firearm is not on the State Approved Roster, it isn’t approved by the AG’s Office. The firearm would have to be; manufactured before the cut off date in 1998 and have been registered to a Massachusetts (firearm) Licensee before the gun can be sold. Proof of Massachusetts registration is by possession of the original FA10 registration form that has been required by law since 1968.

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