Firearm Safety Training

Get Your MA LTC


Includes Range Time

Saturday - February 23, 2019

9 to 4

(508) 695-4852

Please call the store to register or with any further questions.

This is an all day Class starting at 9AM and includes Range Time with 9MM, .38 Special and .45 ACP ammunition with a variety of Pistols and Revolvers.

After satisfactorily completing the course the student will receive two certifications. The MA State Police Basic Firearms Certification that is necessary for obtaining an LTC in Massachusetts and an NRA Certification.

Pre-registration is necessary and the cost of the class including the use of firearms and ammunition is $109.00

All classes are held at Angletree Rod & Gun Club - Firearms Application Form


Course highlights include:

  • Massachusetts firearms laws:

    • Types of firearms permits and licenses

    • Who qualifies for a permit
    • Storage
    • Storage while traveling
    • The assault weapons ban/termination of the assault weapons ban
  • The list---there is a list of Massachusetts compliant firearms. (Compliant firearms have to have the Attorney General’s ok)
  • Definition of High Capacity Firearms
  • Firearms safety and proper handling there of
    • Self Defense
    • Concealed Carry
    • Ammunition types (small caliber vs. large caliber)
    • Types of firearms----displayed
  • See, feel and work the actions of several different types of firearms
  • Final Exam (if you pass the final exam you will go to the next step)
  • On the range you will have the opportunity to fire several different types of firearms to give you and idea of what to expect.

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