The following describes the policies for the transfer or sales of Firearms, Rifles, Shotguns and Receiver / Frames received by Northeast Trading Co., Inc. for Transfer to a Massachusetts Licensed Resident.

  • We do not Facilitate a Private Party Transfers, we do TRANSFERS. This means as soon as a Firearm of any description or Receiver / Frame is presented to Northeast Trading Co., Inc. it will immediately be entered into our Electronic Bound book (A&D BOOK) as required by Federal and State Law.
  • We then have the buyer properly fill out a Federal Form 4473. After satisfactorily completing the 4473 form an FBI NICS check will be initiated. The results of the NICS check can be one of the following:
    1. PROCEED: We can then continue with the transaction.
    2. DELAY: We have to wait three (3) days before we can proceed with the transaction unless the FBI / NICS returns a Proceed before the three day period.
    3. DENIED: We cannot proceed with the transaction, that means we cannot return a firearm or frame that you have just given us for transfer. Northeast Trading will give you appropriate paper work so that you may contact FBI/NICS and seek resolution to this problem.

What does this mean? Once entered into the Bound book it cannot be erased or removed in any way per ATF requirements. This means if the buyer fails a background check and or you change your mind the firearm, frame / receiver can only be returned once a Federal Form 4473 is properly filled out and a NICS background test is completed and a PROCEED is returned by the FBI NICS background check.

If the NICS background check is Delayed then we have to wait the minimum three day period before the firearm / receiver can be returned or earlier if the NICS System gives us an approval to proceed.

If the NICS background check is a Denied response we will not be able to return the firearm, receiver to you and you will have to make application to the FBI NICS Center for resolution. Northeast Trading will provide an appropriate form with Transaction Numbers to help you proceed with the FBI / NICS.

If the transfer is for a complete firearm that is not a frame or receiver Northeast Trading will do an appropriate MA State Sales Registration via the State mandated MIRCS System.

REMEMBER: If you are picking up a Frame / Receiver it is your responsibility to go into the State provided portal and register the completed firearm within seven (7) days of making the frame / receiver a working firearm. Please remember as you fill out this form electronically (paper forms are not acceptable) you will be the seller and buyer not Northeast Trading as we only transferred to you a non working piece of polymer and metal, you (the customer) made it a firearm.

The Transfer fee for a Frame / Receiver is $25.00

The Transfer fee for a Firearm, Rifle, Shotgun is $30.00 (includes State Registration.)

Per ATF and State Law, Firearms and High Capacity Rifles must leave with a suitable locking device.

January 1, 2019

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